DDR1 specification for game play GTA

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Hello All,

I want to ask. My computer at home with DDR1 and using for playing game GTA San Andreas beginning no problems and all good, but 30 minutes later often hangs. What is causing my computer hangs? Where as 1.5 GB RAM 300GB HDD. Please  help me solve this problem.


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DDR1 specification for game play GTA


You are facing some trouble when you play GTA san Andreas. The cause of hang might because of many problem. It is not a hardware related problem. It might because of your game Data might have some error. Because of this error the game is become hang. You can re-install the game from another CD.

If other game is done the same then you might change your windows. In my opinion GTA games are causing this kind of problems. GTA Vice city, San Andreas etc. these games have some errors in data. And watch this: Is the game hang every time at the exact location or different?

If it is at the same location then think the problem is in the Game. So,I think changing your game CD(re-installing) or Windows may solve your problem.

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DDR1 specification for game play GTA


Please check these points to see where the problem is:

  • Check your VGA drivers and make them up to date.
  • Check the system specifications with your game.
  • Check the game on another pc if it run fine on the other PC then you can change your VGA card.
  • Make sure that your VGA card contain enough memory to run this game for long time.
  • Check your PC virtual memory.
  • Check that your dxdiag is working properly. to make a video test follow these steps : Go to START and then to RUN here type "dxdiag" and then press enter. After this go to the display tab and make all possible tests that are available.
  • After you make tests it will insure that your video card is working properly.
  • Change your dxdiag with a new version.
  • And i am sure you will be able to solve your problem. 

Loise paul.

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