Database error number 904 occurred

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I just created some indexes on version-enabled tables.
All of the tables are okay and is functioning well except for one. I am getting this kind of message saying:
BMXAA4210E – Database error number 904 has occurred.
ORA-00904: “HISTORY”: invalid identifier”.
I also asked some help to other people that I know, but even they didn't know what the solution to give me.
I did also some research on the internet, but couldn't find some answers.
I got so desperate that I tried to retype all of the codes over again, but still getting the same error message.
Does anybody in here know what to do with this kind of problem?
Can anybody give me a hint?
Hope you could help me.
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Database error number 904 occurred


Hi there,

Kattyrine here. It seems to me that the Identifier "HISTORY" is causing the issue, though I am not well versed with oracle,

I know a few things with regards to dealing with SQL.

Here are some possible reasons why you are getting this error:

  1. The identifier HISTORY might be in use already somewhere in your table structure, you may have missed it.
  2. The identifier HISTORY might be a reserved word for Oracle, this issue I have experienced using SQL Server and MySQL, using identifiers that are reserved words or are in use by default by Oracle might be causing this issue. Perhaps oracle uses the variable HISTORY in some of its commands or internal, built-in databases. You might want to try changing the name to something else.

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