Data abstraction and its role in database design.

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What is data abstraction in database management? Which stage of database design is it used in? How does it help the database developer during the design of a database? Name the different levels of data abstraction? What is the function of each level? What is classification and how is it used to build an abstract hierarchy?

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Data abstraction and its role in database design.

Data abstraction is used for user to understand the database with abstract view of the system. Its hides some details that data is stored and maintain.There are three layers of abstraction.
1 User model
                          It Shows different views of database. It shows the database for different different user.
2 Logical model
                           It describes which data are stored and all database administrator.
3 Physical model
                             It shows how the data are stored.It is lowest level of abstraction
                             ex : B-tree,Hashing
Database Design Process
There are six stages in the design of a database:
1. Requirement analysis
2. Conceptual database design
3. Choice of the D.B.M.S
4. Data model mapping
5. Physical design
6. Implementation
Hierarchies is used for organize large amounts of documents. Here are some common example which have large number of documents.
ex : File systems
       Market place
       Products taxonomies
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Data abstraction and its role in database design.


Data abstraction is the lessening or decrease of a specific body of data to a simplified or basic representation of the whole. It is normally the initial phase in designing a database. A full database is greatly very complex or complicated for a system to be developed without building a simplified or basic framework first.

It is possible for the developer to begin from vital elements using data abstraction and then incrementally add detail to the data the build the final system. In general, abstraction is the method of removing characteristics or properties from something to be able to shrink it to a set of important characteristics or properties.

In programming, abstraction allows a programmer to hide all less important data showing only significant data about an object to lessen complexity and boost efficiency.

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