Cyberduck: Network Error: Connection failed. Connection refused

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Hi experts!

After understanding some threads and tutorials, I must come clean that this is just too difficult to me. I purchased an infiltrated Apple TV with Boxee and XMBC running on it. Everything seems good but I'm unable to make a FTP/SFTP connection with Cyberduck or Terminal. I tried IP AND the same with the appletv.local, but no achievement.

I get the following error:

Cyberduck: Network Error: Connection failed. Connection refused
Terminal: ssh: connect to host appletv.local port 22: Connection refused

I don’t know anything about this error message. I felt that SSH is not executable
How can I locate out if SSH is enabled on my Apple TV?

Please help.


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Cyberduck: Network Error: Connection failed. Connection refused


It seems that the person that infiltrated your ATV did not install SSH and again probably did not  install Bintools too. Please make a Patch stick using atvusb-creator.It will be better for you if you use older USB stick you have laying around instead of  a newer, bigger stick (Because the newer USB sticks try to be cleaver with things like U3 which need eradicating properly before Patch stick can be gained from them).

However as soon as you have a suitable stick, the next steps are:  Download 2Z694-6004-003.dmg from iClarified and for Windows download, for Mac download atvusb-creator-1.0.b10 from

Then try to run utility and select SSH Tools and Bintools as install options.When you have making the patchstick, turn off your ATV, plug in the Patch stick,and turn on again,wait to be finished. When you will be notified that the process has been finished,remove the Patch stick and turn off and on again. Allow to reboots back to the main menu and you will be able to use SSH.Code:  ssh [email protected]

Local and try to memorize your password.

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Cyberduck: Network Error: Connection failed. Connection refused

You have two options on how you can locate the SSH file to Apple TV:
1. Finder
2. Terminal
Here are the steps when you want to use the Finder:
Step 1: You need an OSBoot that mounted the Finder, if you already have just double click the icon then you can see this window.
Step 2: You can see a search bar named "Go to the Folder". Enter this path "/Volumes/OSBoot/usr/sbin/" then hit "Go"
Step 3: Do it again (Finder > Go to the Folder > path) but this time this is what you will enter as path "/usr/bin" then hit "Go"
Step 4: On the "Mac sbin" folder, drag and drop the "SSHD" to your "Apple TV sbin" folder. You will notice that your cursor is changed into a green plus sign (+) it only means that you’re copying a file.
Step 5: The SSHD is now installed to your OSBoot. Now what we’re going to do is to start the SSHD whenever Apple TV launches.
Step 6: Open again the OSBoot and do the same thing as you do on Step 2 but the path that you will enter should be this "/Volumes/OSBoot/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/"
Step 7: Once the Apple TV SSH.plist file is opened, you can see in that window the information and a reason why we place it there.
Step 8: Type the code in the image below to your notepad then save it. It should replace the SSH.plist contents:
Step 9: Save every change you made the close all the files. The SSH deamon is now activated.
Here are the steps when you want to use the Terminal:
Step 1: Copy and paste this sshd binary to your Apple TV drive
cp /usr/sbin/sshd /Volumes/OSBoot/usr/sbin/
Step 2: You need to unmount the OSBoot and Media and Reassemble your Apple TV then turn it on. You also have to know the IP address of your Apple TV by going to its Settings. Once you know the IP address, run the Terminal window on your Mac then enter the this:
Step 3: When you ask if you want to permanently store the key you entered just enter "yes" the "frontrow" as a password
That's all. Choose a way that will make things easier for you. If you receive an error again I think you have to change your Apple TV that is not infiltrated.

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