Curious about go fishing game code scripts

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Hi Experts

I usually surf in the internet, download games and etc. I just want to know because I am wondering what is the code script for go fishing game. A fantastic game and soon wishing to study programming to create my own game using scripting and different algorithm method. Help me. thanks

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Curious about go fishing game code scripts



Since you posted your question on the “JavaScript Category”, I’m not sure if this scripting tool or language is used in gaming. JavaScript is mainly used on website programming and I think programming a game application is different from this one.

When I was still a student, the programming languages I am familiar with are Assembly Language, Turbo Basic, GW Basic, Turbo Assembly, Pascal, Turbo C, C Language, C++, Visual Basic, and others. Some of them are really old programming languages and are already not being used right now. But I think Assembly Language is still being used in programming some computer hardware devices. When programming a game sometimes more than one programming languages are used.

The only programming languages I know how to use are Assembly Language, Turbo Assembly, Turbo Basic, and GW Basic and they are really primitive programming tools. Much modern programming tools are used today.

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