CS Error message on loading Morrowind_ob.esm

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When I load the morrowind_ob.esmin the construction place I receive this error message.

Second ReadFile () in GetChunkData failed with error


Second ReadFile () in GetChunkData failed with error:

The operation completed successfully.

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"Yes to all" will disable all Warnings this session.

I am running v44 of the .Esm, however this has happened since at least v39.

I have performed these things

Uninstalled and installed the CS again

Uninstalled and installed Oblivion, Shivering Isles, patches again etc.

Uninstalled, but again and installed morrowblivion one more time

Unpacked the .esm installer using both 7zip and as well as Winrar

Run the installer as admin Run the installer as user

Confirmed a bit

…and it is coming up again. Any idea?

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CS Error message on loading Morrowind_ob.esm



You are receiving this error because the program has several issues that need to be fixed. First there is the issue of Mode configuration.  When the program starts, Morrowind_ob.esm loads as soon as Oblivion.esm starts and this causes process conflict.
Another problem might be that the game is exhausting the system resources and to solve this issue you need to install Streamline. One more problem could be that the size of the drawing might be too large. A solution to these problems would be first to apply 4GB instead of 2GB RAM.
Secondly, follow this link to make changes to oblivion.ini file and finally, to have better optimization check this site.

I hope this is useful.

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