CRRecurringl Blackberry Desktop Software Synchronization Error

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Hello expert friends,

I tried to sync the BlackBerry with the desktop calendar on the computer using the BlackBerry Desktop Software ended up with the synchronization error. For you information, it is a wired synchronization and software version I used is 7.1 and BlackBerry Strom 9550 smartphone. Do I need to upgrade any of the one? Is both are compatible thing? Help me to sort the problem. Thanks.


Blackberry Desktop Software

Synchornization Error

CRRecurringl::AddExpectionRecord: Could not set exception date in record.

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CRRecurringl Blackberry Desktop Software Synchronization Error


Here is the correct procedure on configuring the synchronization options of the calendar using BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1. And also take note, before the actual synchronization happens between your BlackBerry Smartphone and your computer, the synchronization options should be configured first. To begin, connect your BlackBerry Smartphone to your computer and start the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Click Organizer and select Configure located next to Calendar. In “Sync direction” menu, select one of the following:

  • Select “Two way between your device and computer” if you want to keep the calendar entries the same on the computer and on your BlackBerry Smartphone.
  • Select “One way to your device only” if you want to synchronize the calendar entries from your computer onto your Smartphone.

    • Also check “Replace all entries on your device with the entries on your computer” if you want all entries in your Smartphone to be replaced with the entries from your computer.
  • Select “One way to your computer only” if you want to synchronize from your Smartphone and replacing the entries on the computer.

    • Also check “Replace all entries on your computer with the entries on your device” to replace all entries on the computer with the entries stored on your Smartphone.

Check “Only sync future entries” in case you don’t want to synchronize calendar entries that are already expired. In Account Settings section in “Calendar account” dropdown list, select the calendar app you use on your computer. After that, click Configure and then do one of the following:

  • Click Browse and then select the location of the Calendars file if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 calendar application.
  • If you are using Microsoft Office Outlook, select your profile in the dropdown list of Outlook Profile.
  • Click Browse if you are using IBM Lotus Notes and then select your “.ini” file. Enter your password if a password is required. But if you don’t want to be prompted for a password every time you sync, uncheck “Prompt at every sync”.

Finally, click Close and then OK. In case you want to restore the default settings, click Organizer and then select “Reset settings”.

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