Crowded Laptop Desktop Effect on Performance

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I have been told that having my Windows desktop full of applications can affect the performance of my computer. I would like an expert to confirm whether having a cluttered desktop does indeed have an effect on how my machine performs? How exactly does a crowded desktop affect the smooth running of my computer?

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Crowded Laptop Desktop Effect on Performance


It's not that the desktop makes your PC or laptop slower. It's this.

1. Full of apps and icons make the desktop to load more and uses a little bit more.

2. It's doesn't significantly reduces the performance, but has done a little bit for sure.

3. But one absolute thing is this definitely takes the desktop to start up slower. After start up it doesn't actually make is slow significant.  My advice to keep the desktop as clean as possible to start up the laptop faster.

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Crowded Laptop Desktop Effect on Performance


Having a computer full of applications doesn’t mean will slow down the performance of the machine. It will indeed degrade the available space of your hard drive or the system drive because installing programs consume hard drive space but the performance is another factor. The performance of the computer is not dependent on the number of applications you installed.

You can have few applications installed but your system runs crawling and this happens. You can have a bunch of software installed but your system runs pretty fast. These are all dependent on how well you maintain your system. The key to an optimal performance is the combination of the following:

  • Regular cleaning or removal of temporary files and deleted files.
  • Regular cleaning of your internet browsing usage.
  • Regular defragmentation of your hard drives both system and data drives.

To clean your hard drive from unwanted files like temporary files and browsing usage, you can download and use the free version of CCleaner. This will help you empty your Recycle Bin, delete temporary system files, and clear the browsing usage of your web browsers. You can also download and use PC Tools Performance Toolkit.

It can perform all these tasks plus check your hard drive for errors which is not available with CCleaner.

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