Critical low battery issue with Nook Tablet

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Hi everybody,

I have purchased nook tablet recently and it works simply great.

But, from the last few days I am facing a strange issue. Even if It has more than 50% of battery life, it shuts down on its own saying critical low battery. It also starts flipping all the pages and it will pull all kinds of applications. If I connect to the AC adapter all the time, then only it will work.

Does anybody faced the same kind of problem ever? Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks a lot in advance, guys!

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Critical low battery issue with Nook Tablet


Hi Joseph, Even if you practically not use your nook tablet, it still consumes some amount of the juice in your battery. If you have live wallpaper, get rid of it, this obviously rip your battery power apart with its high intensity draining. WiFi also drains so much of your battery. Nook batteries drain so much energy even if it’s not doing anything, it’s still draining your battery juice. To minimize this, try to avoid animated wallpapers and background theme, syncing social media sites and automatic syncing of email accounts. Your external micro SD card is a battery drainer too. Even if you’re not accessing the card, it consumes energy as well like a hard drive consumes when it’s reading from the hard disc. 

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