C.reltriggers does not exist issue

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Hi folks,

I used PostgreSQL 8.4.1 on a Linux server for a long time and it was running great, but I noticed one day in one of the databases I use, the following problem exists:

An error occurred while performing the operation.

An error occurred while performing the operation.

Error: column c.reltriggers does not exist

Position: 190

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After much analysis, I came to a point from searching the archives reltriggers was changed in 8.4. Now I cannot point out what to do about it. Is there a fix for SQL or I will just apply or run to fix this issue, or would it be possible to dump all data and re-import it? I hope there are guys who experienced the same scenario as me, and share their ideas on how to resolve this.


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C.reltriggers does not exist issue


Hi there Dinacallway!

I have solved this problem by running a dbtool on the server database. I used this code: dbtool path-to database/databasename. Do this by either exporting to a file or export to SQL with an option to scan and fix by:

1. Number of threads (depending on the CPU).

2. Version padding.

3. All tables.

4. All areas.

5. Log-on level and output choice.

The DBtool code corrects the field width. The length of fields in SQL is indefinite by default. And since it is required to have a fixed parameter, you will encounter an error at initial stage. Running this DBtool requires scanning of the entire database for fields which exceeds the required parameter. Modify and update accordingly. I hope your problem will be okay after doing the steps stated here.


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