Creation of customer in QuickBooks failed

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Hello friends, my post here is about my problem in using QuickBooks, my problem started when I want to export some items from QuickBooks, the error message below that I pasted with this post appeared.

Creation of customer in QuickBooks failed

QuickBooks Export Error

Error: Creation of customer in QuickBooks failed. Export canceled. Details:


Severity: Error

Description: The name “         Consulting Group” of the list elements is already in use.

I am quite new in using QuickBooks, that is why this is my first time to encounter this error message, I ask some help from my buddies but they don't have any idea about this error message, please share your thoughts on this error message that will guide me in solving this problem, all your ideas are highly appreciated, thanks a lot in reading my post.

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Creation of customer in QuickBooks failed


Hi good day the company name only exits in one location for QuoteWerks to export the information to that record. If the company already exists in another list, modify the name listed under the QuoteWerks sold example…. TO: Company Name (Sold To/Ship To tab) to differentiate it from the existing records in QuickBooks so you can still identify it.

If you cannot find another user,company, or vendor or another name with the same exact name check your customer list to see if you have entered the same name previously using last names,


  • Walker, Jonathan>>>switches it back to Jonathan Walker and check to see if the error goes away.
  • Another tip:
  • Remove the space between the colon “:” and the sub-item.

Thank you.



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Creation of customer in QuickBooks failed


Hi, good day, actually sometimes we all face this kind of errors, they are sometimes very damaging to our systems, but it's not a big deal to resolve this kind of a problem. You only need to follow these simple steps and resolve you’re this problem.

First of all make sure that the customer option in QuickBooks is set to an Active mode and which is usually not mentioned in any member list. After that go to Account Matcher and run it but make sure that you are running it from the Data Synch Web Interface and then go to that place where you have installed Data Synch and go to 

Start > Programs > Pervasive Data Synch > Data Synch Web Interface. When you have completed these steps go to Sales force Account and look for the Customer List ID field which must be populated .Hope you find this solution helpful.

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Creation of customer in QuickBooks failed


Hi good day! I actually encountered that error on my QuickBooks also. I found out it was my fault for not following the proper instructions about exporting customer. Please just follow the instruction I will just give you the link to visit. 

If there are no changes on your issue, better try to have a back-up copy and after that you may able to reinstall or repair your QuickBooks. Then try to refresh everything needed for your QuickBooks including your files and updated jobs. As I what I did its effective and be sure before you reinstall the QuickBooks, check first the compatibility with your Windows OS.

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