Creating Tables in InnoDB and non MyISAM

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I want to make tables in InnoDB and non MyISAM. I generally prefer using InnoDB so I don’t have to worry on recovering my tables when it crash or the statements that are partially executed.

I have CMP (Container Managed Persistence) enterprise bean in which my JBoss AS application server can create tables. 

I want to know how I can redirect JBoss in creating tables with ENGINE=InnoDB. Can you help me?

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Creating Tables in InnoDB and non MyISAM


There is a lot of mess doing this because the jboss features are quite different from the innodb application. You need to be more reliable on the innodb instead of jboss.

Because i have performed some tests and i have found a problem. It is in-fact seem that the table names are being refused that have underscore in their name after the first one.

This is a major drawback that is withholding you and me not to use it.

However there is a chance that if you use an intermediate software to link the two then you can achieve your purpose of connecting both.

I would prefer you not to do this but if you want to do it then install the addons for both components and then integrate it.

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