Creating SQL 2008 web interface using HTML 5

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How do I create an sql 2008 web interface for more friendly interaction with the back-end and what is the best Integrated. Development Environment that will standardize the view for all browsers?

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Creating SQL 2008 web interface using HTML 5


Hello Floyed,

I have read your query. I am going to give most possible solution.

You should use combination of and html 5web interface. will provide most easiest way and friendly way to interact with back-end code and sql server 2008 database.

In, you can use grid view and list view to make web UI more interactive and user friendly. It gives good look and feel to web UI. Apart from that, in; database connection with SQL server 2008 is very easy. Just drag and drop the web control.

Follow this image; Using html 5, you can easily include media like video and audio in your website. Including video makes web UI more interactive.

Follow the sample by downloading the code below.

Please follow this link for further learning

Html 5 is new language and it's still in beta state.It is more innovative language than HTML.

I hope I have given the solution for your query.



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Creating SQL 2008 web interface using HTML 5


There are many languages that support SQL to access and present data. You can generate webpages from SQL reporting services. If you want a professional approach then I would suggest you to use Visual Studio, but it gives you great abilities to access data and project planning. The best IDE for SQL is SQL Everywhere. The biggest advantage of SQL Everywhere is auto-complete intelligence. The format SQL feature work good. 

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Creating SQL 2008 web interface using HTML 5



I am describing the feature of your essential tool by which you can create SQL server 2008 Web interface.

This is SQL Web Management Studio made by Microsoft

  • It has the largest administrative capabilities
  • It offers the users to browse and modify database.
  • The database objects and schema can be observed very accurately and quickly.
  • More easier to query,edit,index
  • Database storage on your hand to view everything at a glance.

You have to download before SQLWM: Visual Studio 2010, AnkhSVN,Coolite Toolkit,SQL Server 2008 Pack, Oracle Database Access toolbox. Thanks.

Shifflett Laurel

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