Creating a slip stream cd for Windows XP

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My computer was severely infected and needed to be reinstalled.

While reinstalling Windows XP Service Pack 2 on my computer i ran into one major complication.

I was not able to copy the installation drives to my hard drive. 

After doing some research, I read that the Intel Matrix Storage Drivers need to be installed prior to the installation using a Floppy Drive.

Unfortunately, the computer does not have a floppy drive nor do i have an external floppy drive.

I did some more research and read that it is possible to create a slipstream CD with the Intel Matrix Drivers incorporated with the operating system installation file.

I however could not find and do not know how to create a slip stream CD.

I want to know what the steps are and which tools can be used to create a slip stream CD of Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 with the Intel Matrix Storage Drivers incorporated.

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Creating a slip stream cd for Windows XP


Hello Emma,

The problem you are encountering is common when in installing RAID drivers on Microsoft Window’s XP, when there is no floppy drive in the system. There are two solutions to this problem:

(a) A USB floppy drive can be attached, however the system BIOS USB emulation mode must be set to floppy.

(b) Create a bootable copy of the Microsoft Windows XP* setup disk bundled with the RAID drivers. This method is known as slipstreaming.

According to your question its clear you want to use the slipstream CD. Below is a standard procedure of creating a slipstream CD with Windows XP SP 2.


  1. Download the relevant RAID drivers.
  2. A CD copy of Windows XP. It must either be Home edition or Professional edition.
  3. CD creation software with a CD burner. There are various CD creation software’s available.
  4. There must be a free hard drive space of more than 1.5 GB available.
  5. Download a Service Pack 2 install file for IT professionals from the Microsoft Website.


  1. Create a pair of different folders to hold the Windows XP installation CD and Service Pack 2 data in it. The directories should be created at the root directory of the drive e. g. D:/XPCD and D:/SP2. Name the directories as XPCD and SP2.
  2. Move the SP 2 file to the root directory of the drive where you have created the XPCD & SP2 folders.
  3. Extract the Service Pack 2 into the SP2 directory created in step 1 above. To do this: Open Command prompt, Navigate to the root directory of the drive you are using for this procedure by typing the drive letter followed by a colon. e. g. D:/. Type the name of the service pack trailed by ‘-X’ and press enter. On the pop up window prompt, enter the location of the SP2 directory created earlier i. e. ‘D:/SP2’. Press OK.
  4. Load the Windows XP install CD, copy all the files and folders in the CD to the XPCD that we created in step 1 above.
  5. In this procedure we bundle the XP installation files with the SP 2 files. Open a command prompt, Navigate to the 'D:/SP2' directory, type ‘CD i386update’, hit enter, type ‘update /S:(drivename):XPCD’ and hit enter.
  6. Extract the Windows XP boot image from the CD. This task is accomplished using ISObuster. (ISOBuster is available freely). Load the Win XP installation CD and run ISObuster. Navigate to the Win XP folder, right click on the Microsoft Corporation.IMG and choose extract. Extract the file to the XPCD folder we created.
  7. To create the actual bootable CD use the CD creation software that is installed on your system.

Good Luck!


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Creating a slip stream cd for Windows XP


If you just want to install your driver you don’t need to create a slipstreamed window CD.

You can just download the drivers from NET and can implement them, or you can also use ALL in one CD of drivers to install your drivers. It will solve your problem.

Although if you want to create slipstreamed Windows XP CD go to following Link.

Installing drivers is a fun just follows these steps to install the drivers.

Go to My Computer and right click on it and select PROPERTIES > HARDWARE > DEVICE MANAGER here you will see all the types of drivers you can install them one by one as required.




So here you see how to get to your drivers now you can also install them easily.

Also,you can create your SLIPSTREAM XP CD.

That's it till now. 

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