Creating a html interactive tree diagram

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I have a project going on. I need to create a tree diagram using HTML and it would be interactive for viewers.

First, I would like to ask what a tree diagram is.

Second, can you give me a good example of a tree diagram?

Lastly, I know using HTML alone is not very interactive at all, so, aside from using HTML please give me some advices what to use.

Please give me an idea of creating an html interactive tree diagram.

Thanks for your time.

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Creating a html interactive tree diagram


Hi Amanda Wissler,


A Tree diagram creates by following rules.

  1. Decision Making.
  2. Probability of Calculations.

A tree diagram starts with one node with multiple branches to additional nodes.

Contain Mutual Exclusive decisions.

In a tree diagram, a decision will start from blank node and that decision will lead towards the multiple nodes e.g., (Node A and Node B).


Tree Diagram

Only HTML coding is not efficient to make a tree diagram.

You have to use CSS to make your diagram more stylish and attractive.

You have to learn CSS coding along with HTML.

The integration of HTML and CSS will make and a better and efficient Tree Diagram.

I hope you’ll make your Tree Diagram easily with these techniques. ENJOY! 


Johnstoon Leen

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