Create Satellite Assemblies, getting various number of language strings

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I need your professional advice please. I want to create Satellite Assemblies.

How will I do that and do you recommend it?

What are the easy directions to get various number of language strings?

Also, may I ask about Assembly Manifest and the specific details, so that I could maximize and make full use of it?

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Create Satellite Assemblies, getting various number of language strings


Hi Chalice,

Creating your own satellite Assemblies is not that easy mostly if you're using the old step on how to create it.  they say, you must have patience because you will be needing a lot of hours to do it.  You are going to use two tools such as Resgen. exe. and al.exe. in which they are included in the installation of Visual Studio.  Resgen.exe will get Resx file and will release  out the  resource file.  Of course you will be loaded also with different commands.  To simplify the creation of Satellite Assemblies, what you must do is firing up the tool and info must be enter and you have to hit the Build and Viola .  Now, the satellite assembly is ready.  See the illustration below:

If you look at the illustration, the grid is the main or center area.  This is important in managing the values  of the resx file that exist.  In this default, you must tell the tool to where the template file can be found and you have to click the load.  All the name and value pairs will appear in the grid you want to edit.  After the translation, you have to choose a culture and make sure of the namespace resource and name of the project and then have to click build.  Then, that's it!

Hope this might help you.


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