Blue Page to Scan my Computer for Viruses

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Here is my problem, since this morning when I turn on my PC is XP . There's the icon that appears, then there's a blue page that tells me to scan for viruses on the hard drive. It remains one second and then this page disappears and the PC reboot and wonder.

Start Win normally or safe mode
I think my CPU is infected, that is why I want to format. It is that, I cannot access my desktop in safe mode. I would like to know how to format it from the BIOS or in another way.

Thank you.

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Blue Page to Scan my Computer for Viruses


Hey John,

If you want to reinstall the windows again, the method is:

  1. From the BIOS make the CD/DVD ROM as a first boot device.
  2. Then insert a bootable CD, and then choose the option start computer with CDROM support.
  3. After than in few minutes you will be in the DOS or command prompt.
  4. Now format the drive you want to format with the command (format c 🙂
  5. The disk will be formatted than now restart pc by pressing ALT+CTRL+DELETE.
  6. Before restarting put the window XP CD in drive.
  7. After the PC restart you will see press any key to boot win XP and then press any key and then the installation process will start.
  8. Regarding installation process, carefully read the instructions as provided.

By this way you can install a fresh copy of windows.

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Blue Page to Scan my Computer for Viruses


The problem you mention is because of two reasons:

  1. Your RAM is not on the fixed point
  2. A strong virus attacks on your computer

In first situation you don’t need to reinstall your OS setup again. You just need to open the casing of your system and then de-attach the RAM once and after that again fix it in the right place and slot.  After restart you will find your computer working in proper order. But if the problem is still there then it will be better that you re-install your operating System setup like Windows Xp, Vista on your computer. If you will not do that then it wills may result in hardware loose. For re-installation in the situation you mentioned is like the steps I am stating here:

  1. Insert the CD of desired operating system into CD-ROM.
  2. Restart your computer
  3. The setup will start automatically
  4. Press any key to continue
  5. Before selecting drive for installation, delete its partition (keep in mind just delete the partition or drive having no any record or document you need more).
  6. Then create the partition of the deleted memory again. It is the simple way to format the drive having windows installation.
  7. Select the hard drive of your hard disk for the setup of OS installation.
  8. In the end select date and time of your area, also set a password for your administrator.
  9. Install any reliable anti-virus software for the security of your computer as well as your data.

Enjoy the solution.

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