CPU cooler with advanced specifications and smaller distance requirements

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I want to know more about Noctua's NH-L9x65. What are the specifications? What are the system requirements for this cooler? What are the benefits of this cooler compared to other products? How much will it cost? What do you mean by SSO2 bearing? What is the essence of conceptualizing this to a cooler? What are ITX mainboards mean? What is the difference between PCI and PCIe? What are the cooling capabilities of this device? How does it performs? What is NT-H1 thermal compound?

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CPU cooler with advanced specifications and smaller distance requirements


Hello Janet!

The price of this cooler ranges from $51.99 to $55.99. Here are the important technical specifications of this device.

1. Material – heat pipes (copper), fins (aluminum), plating (nickel)

2. Warranty – 6 years

3. Compatibility – Intel LGA2011-0 and LGA2011-3, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1150

4. NT-H1 high-grade thermal compound

5. Low-noise adaptor

6. NF-A9 PWM fan

7. Input Power – 1.2 W

8. Voltage Requirements – 12 V

There are several advantages for this cooler. First its small size, will perfectly fit in the tower. Six heat-pipes radiator and minimized noise. It will not dongle like a pendulum and cost you less. SSO2-bearing makes it faster to cool down. This oil-based hydrodynamic bearings ITX mainboards are commonly used in small computers or laptops. These are commonly referred to embedded boards since most of the devices needed are combined and embedded with it. PCI is rather slower and cheaper than PCIe. PCIe is distinguished by how long it is. The longer the faster speed and vast scope. NT-H1 is a hybrid compound/composed of different substances that supports cooling system.

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