Counterfeiting Windows XP Home Edition

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Last saturday night I open my tree accounts yahoo mail, gmail, ym,

To  check.

While surfing in the internet.

I open my control panel to remove any necessary programs in my computer.

But I check the box above show update and I check it. I restart my computers to take

Affect the program that I remove in control panel.

After I restart my pc this messages show

Victim of software counterfeiting windows xp

What is this?

Please help me for some assistance about this

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Counterfeiting Windows XP Home Edition


Hello Blackjan,

You may be victim of what we called counterfeiting, its like that you have installed expired or  not licensed OS that make your desktop keep appearing every time you used your computer. With this regard you may encounter and limit access only. You can't download and some of the features might not work due to this counterfeiting. As far as i'm concern your computer has a limited days and that will end your OS working if the said date is still your OS in VGA and haven't yet validated for license. 

Even if you try to sneak around to remove the notifications still you won't get the full access as long you will validate your OS. It's like you have already used the OS with the license and afterwards you are the next one so means it was been duplicated that your computer tracks your OS has been already used. The only thing to solve this is to activate the license for that specific OS that you are using recently.

I would be giving you a tips and screenshot for possible solutions in your problem. Actually there is a lot of way and i have found an easiest way to make it easy for you.


– Click on that link and download

– Install the RemoveWGA and Accept terms

– Uncheck  the button and press Next

– You will get the message that notifications has been removed

– Reboot for update

I strongly suggest you buy a fresh copy of OS with a license to avoid this kind of counterfeiting. You have been victim by these due that you got a duplicate OS or something that is not a license one.

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Counterfeiting Windows XP Home Edition


Dear Blackjan,

This error message is actually a Windows Genuine Advantage Notification, it simply means that your windows xp did not pass the windows genuine taste.

When you see the notification its advisable to click on resolve now, if the computer is connected to the internet you will receive automatic updates. But if you decide to resolve the problem later, Then you can solve the problem through windows automatic updates, in accordance to your automatic update settings. When the updates are automatically downloaded, accept the terms and conditions. the wizard will update your windows xp such that it can pass the windows Genuine check. Alternatively visit the microsoft official website and download the WGA Validation tool.

Restart your computer and the notification will be no more.

Good luck

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