Counterfeit software take into action by Microsoft survey network team

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How really effective is Microsoft survey network team in suppressing the counterfeit software

If most of the consumer are using it as their alternative for buying an expensive one?

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Counterfeit software take into action by Microsoft survey network team


The Microsoft survey network team is trying its best to suppress counterfeit Software although the consumers themselves are the ones who want to use the cheap software. The team also has teamed up with many Police Departments for a country like Kenya to check and charge all those vendors who sell without licenses.

There are also a number of tips they offered to help users to know how to buy genuine softwares;

  • Confirmation of passing the Windows activation test. Activation and validation are the keys to genuine software.
  • Compare the price. Counterfeit software is often sold at a much cheaper price, but can end up costing users hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • Products that lack some form of proof of authenticity – such as a hologram, CD, DVD, recovery media, manuals and Microsoft Software License Terms (MSLT). 
  • Buying from software sellers in other countries complicates matters if the sale is counterfeit. 
  • Keep your anti-virus program up to date. This reduces your computer's risk of exposure to viruses and malware when downloading software. 
  • Do not buy from sellers offering backup copies or bundles of several programs.
  • Beware of the common gateways of digital counterfeiting: websites advertising 'cheap software'; online auction sites with links to download sites offering counterfeit software; and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks or other file-sharing technologies.
  • Buy from a trusted source. Research . A  list of Microsoft Authorized Distributors is available at:

Although all these are in place, the customer is the one who promotes selling of counterfeit softwares. One can check or report counterfeit software at

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