Counter Strike server error connecting to the internet

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Hi there,

I just updated my Windows 7 and I have this error while I was checking my Counter Strike server. These kind of errors started to appear after the updates because before I didn’t had any error. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ? Who can I prevent these errors ?

Thank you !

Fatal Error in gc

GetThreadcontext failed

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Counter Strike server error connecting to the internet


you can fix this error by replacing mono.dll. 

  1. Download mono.dll 
  2. Open C: Program files (x86) Unity EditorDataMonoEmbed Runtime
  3. Back up the current "mono.dll" in this folder.
  4. Now place here new mono.dll.

In this way you can fix the problem. 

 If you are using Kaspersky, then there is another solution.

  • You need to uninstall old version of Kaspersky from Win 7 64 bit machine.
  •  Install Unity 3.0
  • Install Kaspersky latest version and make sure that Unity 3.0 is working.
  • Now everything should work fine.

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