Could One Save The Restore Points?

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Windows' built-in System Restore could be a great tool for backing up and restoring our operating system. Well, maybe it can. It is not a reliable tool. And we do not have to tell it to back anything up; it just does it. And when Windows or an application is not working properly, System Restore can return Windows, programs, and the registry to where they all were at an earlier date, without affecting our own files.

The System Restore regularly backs up our Windows installation. But the one problem is that Windows deletes old restore points to make room for new ones. Another is that each restore point is dependent on others to work. One corrupt point renders the others unusable and the backups soon disappear. I want to know if there's a way to save them permanently.

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Could One Save The Restore Points?


There is no way that you can save a restore point permanently. When you make a new restore point old will be deleted. However you can use different applications for this purpose. These applications can create a backup of your whole system or a single drive and then you can restore this backup anytime using the same application. There are many applications for this purpose. However Norton Ghost and Drive Image from Power Quest are more famous than others. 

If there is some problem with your computer and you don’t want to install a new copy of Windows, this software’s will help you a lot.

Backup through Norton Ghost

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