Error 1053 on starting Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service

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My post here is about Lavasoft Ad-Aware, I meet an error a while ago when I started my computer, right after windows started the error message below I pasted appeared, and I am afraid if this will go on, I might be vulnerable by virus attack.

Could not start the Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service service on Local Computer

This all started when I experienced a power outage an hour ago, so my windows was not shutdown properly, when power was restored, after I booted windows I meet the said error, I already reinstalled the application, but same thing happens, same error appeared when I start windows,

Please share some ideas,

Thanks in advance.

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Error 1053 on starting Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service


The first step is did you try to restarting your system?

If it doesn’t work I think you’re the Lavasoft ad-ware has been damage or corrupt, since you mention a power outage your computer was not properly shutdown.

Try uninstalling the program through the add/remove function then install a new one to the default path C:Program FilesLavasoftAd-Aware SE Note: The selection of the latest updates, run first a scan and show the help file after it is installed. Then deselect them all. Open the Ad-ware and click the check for updates now, once updated run a full system scan.

Hopefully this helps.

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Error 1053 on starting Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service


Use the following procedure to solve that problem:

  • On your computer, go to Start, and then type Run in the search field and then press Enter.
  • The Run window will open, and there you will need to type services.msc.
  • From the list of the services listed, you will need to find that Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service.
  • Next right click on the service and choose "Properties."
  • You will need to right-click on properties, and then you will see a field which says:

Path to executable:
C:Program FilesLavasoftAd-AwareAAWService.exe

This path will show if you installed Ad-Aware to the primary hard drive, but then you did not customize installation to a different location.

What you will need to do is use Windows Explorer to see if you can find the Lavasoft folder and AAWService.exe file. You should check to make sure that the pathway specified in the service properties is the same. In case it is not, then you may need to need to manually create the service.

Clair Charles

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