Could not Save Video in Windows Movie Maker

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I have some videos from my camera which I transferred to my computer through a USB. The video is in .mov file. I downloaded and installed WinFF Software to convert the file to .wmv so I can customize it in Windows Movie Maker. When done with all the process, and attempting to save my movie file, an error message appears on my computer stating: “Cannot complete the Save Movie Wizard. Your movie was not saved successfully. Windows Movie Maker cannot save the movie to the specified location. Verify that the original source files used in your movie are still available, that the saving location is still available, and that there is enough free disk space available, and then try again.” What is the cause for this error message to appear? Can someone please send me some resolution to this? Thank you in advance.

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Could not Save Video in Windows Movie Maker


Hello Ken Mark,

I don't think that resolution problem might create this problem. this problem cause from code which is unable to save your requirement. However, you can get going by deleting convert file. Still need to save the original file. i have a good solution for you. this files contain mp4 resolution best so; keep it aspect ratio 16:0, width 256 multiple with 128 or 177. Then save as file location select from 'C' drive to others. Quality high and sound profile increasing.

You think the video quality will not be so good in performing. Trust me you can get a good one or try another converter file if you can.


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