Could not open feedicon.eps because the parser module cannot parse the file

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Hello experts,

When I want to draw something in Photoshop and save it in all the format possible this error message appears and even when I want to save in EPS format I can’t import it. I have reinstalled the Photoshop and still the same problem. It becomes pretty annoying this error and please can someone help me to fix this ? Can this error be prevented when I will my OS again later ?

Thank you !

Could not open “feedicon.eps” because the parser module cannot parse the file.


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Could not open feedicon.eps because the parser module cannot parse the file


I remember I also experience this error when I’m trying to open some image files on my computer using an older Adobe Photoshop and I also understand why the error happened. In my case, the format of the image and the extension name it is using are not the same. I mean the extension name of the file is not its format.

Like for example, in the file “freeze.bmp”, though the file supposedly is a bitmap but actually it is a GIF and just incorrectly renamed the file as bitmap instead of GIF. In Adobe Photoshop, if you try to open a file that carries the wrong format or extension name you will receive a parser error.

Try saving your work using the most common format available in Adobe Photoshop like JPG, GIF, or PNG and see if it is successful. If you are trying to open the file “feedicon.eps”, you should check again if it is really an EPS file. Try changing the extension name and use a different format that Adobe Photoshop is supporting.

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