Could not locate synced iPod Nano with iTunes

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Hello! I installed iTunes this morning since I've got my new desktop PC. I am certain that the iTunes I downloaded is up to date.

I synced my iPod Nano into it but it did not show up.

I've got various mp3 songs which I need to sync with iTunes so Can someone please tell me where and how I could find it?

The usual way is, when you sync your Apple devices with iTunes, it normally opened the iTunes with your inserted device. But mine is not showing.

How can I fix it?

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Could not locate synced iPod Nano with iTunes


If you iPod Nano is not viewable on your iTunes, first thing you might need to do is unplug and replug the cable. If still, it is not viewable, try to restart the iTunes. Make sure to kill itunes.exe on Processes on Task Manager.

Try to replug it again and see if it can be see now. Another step you can try is to check your iPod cable. You may want to test it by plugging another device using the same cable. Try to connect to another port is another step you can try.

It may also be caused by your computer not meeting the requirements of the iPod system.

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Could not locate synced iPod Nano with iTunes


If you have a new computer and you want to synchronize your iPod with your machine, make sure you have the latest iTunes installed. Download the latest iTunes and install it. Once installed, connect your iPod to your computer using the USB cable that came with your device. Next, start iTunes then select your device in iTunes.

If your device doesn’t appear in iTunes, transfer the USB cable to another available USB port then try again. Try using all available USB ports as necessary. If nothing seems to work, one possible reason is your USB cable. It is probably damaged. Try using a different USB cable then see if it works. You need to have a working USB cable so iTunes can detect your device.

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