Could not load After Effects plug-in

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I have some sets here of plug-ins which I am developing for quite too long. I want this to share with everyone as a freeware. So then, I tried to exchange from Metrowerks to XCode but I'm not sure if I am missing something since I am getting a AE 7.0 error. I enclosed the error message below. My question is, how can I be able to troubleshoot this issue? Am I missing some links? Help me please.

After Effects error: couldn't load plug-in "omino_color_extract.plugin" (problem with fragment "") — bad parameter (-50).

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Could not load After Effects plug-in


Plug-ins are small software modules—with filename extensions such as .aex, .pbk, .pbg, and .8bi—that add functionality to an application. 

 That error message could means the operating system fails to load everything on which the plug in is dependent. Go to your Plug in folder after closing AE and then try to find omino_color_extract.aex, if the file is not found then plug in probably not downloaded correctly. In that case Restart AE and reload the plug in from internet or disk.

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