Could not find activesupport-3.0.1 in any of the sources

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Hello, I’m receiving the error "Could not find activesupport-3.0.1 in any of the sources. Try running 'bundle install'" when attempting to run some commands using the Ruby on Rails Textmate bundle. One command I have been able to run is “bundle install” and it has specified that the installation of active support has been successful. In addition, I’ve attempted to run gem install active support V3.0.1. Could you let me know why this error is occurring? Thanks

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Could not find activesupport-3.0.1 in any of the sources



You will need to check if you have got multiple Ruby interpreters installed, either using the rvm method or any other method. In case that is true, you will need to ensure that the right interpreter is active. You can look at the following to verify that:

which ruby which rake ruby -e 'puts $:' # To show the LOAD_PATH for gems

Another thing  you should try is deleting your Gemfile.lock file that could be having outdated gem versions in it. After that you can re-run bundle install which will then re-built the Gemfile.lock  and make it to conform with your Gemfile gem versions. After that you should not get the error.



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