Could Not Detect Camera on Digital Movie Creator 3 Application

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Hi Experts. I need you help regarding software here. I was installing Digital Movie Creator Version 3.0. This software can be used to edit and create your own movie. During the installation, I didn’t get any error or problem.

However, after completing the installation process and run the software, I clicked on to start recording the movie from my camera connected to my PC.

There is nothing wrong with my camera as it is connected and working but when I try to use the camera with this software, the error started to appear.

So if anyone out there who knows how to solve this issue then please reply back.


PC Digital Movie Creator 3

An error has occurred. Make sure your camera is connected, and then try restarting the application. If you are still having problems, disconnect your camera, reboot your computer, then reconnect your camera. (39)

***Direct Show Error: No combination of intermediate filters could be found to make the connection.***

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Could Not Detect Camera on Digital Movie Creator 3 Application


The problem may be with the camera cable, you will need to check and make sure that it does not have any fault that is causing it not to establish a connection. If the cable is faulty you will need to repair it or obtain another one that does not have any defects. The problem may also be with the ports on your computer, you will need to try the following:

  • Change the port where you have connected the camera and plug into another port.
  • In the camera establishes a connection to the computer with the new port you are using then the problem is with the port and therefore you will need to fix it.

As the error message indicates, the problem may be that directshow files are not installed on your computer and therefore you will need to install them.

-Thompson Locker


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