Could not create D3D10 device

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Recently, I got an error message when I tried to stream or preview stream. The error shows every time I try to repeat this act. I followed all the instructions in the attached error image but could not resolve this issue. I updated my Windows Vista with all the drivers and softwares but the error still remains. What should I do now to fix it? Have any idea? Suggest me asap. Thanks.


Could not create D3D10 device and swap chain, This error can happen for one

of the following reasons:

  1. Your GPU is not supported (DirectX10 support is required – many integrated laptop GPU’s do not support DX10)
  2. You’re running Windows Vista without the “Platform Update”
  3. Your video card drivers are out of date.
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Could not create D3D10 device


Resolution 1:

You are getting that error because you are using Intel Integrated graphics, likely on a laptop. Intel graphics are notorious for not having complete Directx 10 support that is needed by the OBS. You will therefore need to change the graphic options on your computer.

Resolution 2:

A simple reboot can also resolve the issue. Close every execution by the OBS in the task manager and then restart the computer.



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