Corrupted sdhc card file recovery

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My sdhc card has been corrupted due to attach the card to other laptop. 

There is an important file in my card memory. 

What step should adopt for corrupted sdhc card file recovery?

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Corrupted sdhc card file recovery


If your SDHC card [Secure Digital High Capacity] totally got corrupted for an unknown reason, there are several ways of recovering the data stored in it.

You can use ZAR or Zero Assumption Recovery tool that let’s you recover data from FAT, NTFS, EXT, and XFS file systems either on a regular hard drive a USB flash drive or on a digital camera memory card.

To try ZAR, you may visit here.

You may also use SD Formatter which you can download from here.

But beware on using this program because this actually formats your memory card for optimal use.

For the complete reference on how to possibly fix this problem, please visit here.

Watch the videos for the guide on how to properly recover data from a corrupted SDHC card.

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