Correct Processor Speed run in Windows7

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Hi!  I have two information which do not coincide.  This is about my processor.  When I run it in a Windows 7 (bit:64) OS, it shows that the speed is 100 Mega-Hertz.  However, the core speed shown is different.  What info should I believe?

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Correct Processor Speed run in Windows7

You must be referring to the bus speed versus the core speed. The bus speed is the speed with which the computer’s front side bus is operating. The core speed is the product of the bus speed and the multiplier. The core speed would be the processor speed that you may be more familiar with. There are processors that have the capability to throttle down its speed to save power. If there’s low load on the CPU, the core speed would go down relative to the normal operating frequency of the processor. But for reference purposes, the core speed would be your processors speed.
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