This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine

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Hi all,

I purchased a pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit laptop recently with other application installed on it. The system came along with pre-loaded Facial Recognition, Roxio Burner, McAfee, Skype and other applications.
The system worked fine until yesterday. However, when I turned my system on this morning, I was shocked to notice a message “This copy of Windows is not activated. Click here to activate Windows now”.
I purchase this system online from the manufacturer’s official web site and paid an additional amount for Genuine Windows copies. It asks me to enter the product key when I restart my system. I tried to Google this issue but did not get any satisfactory resolution. I also tried contacting customer care, but some assistance not on its way in time.
Any resolution to this?
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This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine


Hello Mr. Ivan,

  • First let us look at what may have caused this problem. The product key enables the Operating System’s license service to capture system hardware components configure and communicate with each other. Incorrect product key or not activating OS in a specified time I. e. 10080 minutes will block the licensing service to grant access to system hardware and operating system services. This is because of plug and play in the group policy object by Microsoft.
  • Hence need to know if you have entered any command like slmgr.vbs –upk. The problem may have occurred due to the slmgr.vbs –upk command which helps clear product keys which may be present on your computer. E. g. They may include the MAK (Multiple Activation Key) and the KMS (Key Management Service) keys. This command may withhold the registry key permission within the Network Service Account which otherwise should have complete permission in the registry key.
  • Once you run the command slmgr.vbs –upk on a computer having Windows 7, you may not see the licensing information because as mentioned earlier Windows 7 has lost the activation status. To make it simpler, let us assume that you run the slmgr.vbs –upk command, and also run the slmgr.vbs – dli or the slmgr.vbs – dlv command to display the Windows licensing information. However, you will not find any result appearing. Also you may receive the error message when you check the Windows activation status: 

“This copy of Windows is not activated. Click here to activate Windows now.”

That is the reason whenever you restart the computer; you are prompted to enter a product key. The reason again that Windows 7 has either lost activation status or functionality mode is reduced to minimal.

Now to resolve the issue you may choose one of these three options, which may prompt for activation after 10080 minutes if the product key is not valid.

(R) Windows Script Host Version 5.7 generates the following text if the updates fail. The only way to skip this issue is only by performing windows updates once the activation is completed.

Click Start and then type command prompt in the search box, Right Click Command Prompt and select an option Run as administrator.

  1. At the command prompt, type “cscript c:windowssystem32slmgr.vbs -ipk {ProductKey}” and then press ENTER. Use a KMS key located in the sources folder on the Windows installation DVD, instead of a MAK key. , You may find KMS key in the Pid.txt file.
  2. Again at the Command Prompt – type cscript c:windowssystem32slmgr.vbs –ato and press ENTER.
  3. You may click the error message in "Symptoms" and then type the product key. Follow the instructions to activate the product key.
  4. As you mentioned that you are prompted to enter a product key. So let us restart the computer and Log on. Type the product key when the Windows Activation window appears and follow the instructions to activate the product key.
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This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine


You can contact the Microsoft via telephone, to activate your window 7 if it’s really a genuine license key used to install your OS.

To check if your OS is genuine go to control panel and click the system.

You must see the genuine logo in the page.

control panel and click the system.

You can also validate your windows, just click the link below. Microsoft Windows Validation

Hope this can help.

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This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine



According to your question there is another Techyv link which is explained well about this . Go that page too to get more helpful information to fix this issue.

Genuine Windows 7 OS Prompt

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