Copy & paste problem in pendrive

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I am lemulemon,I use a desktop computer & i have a pendrive. I always use XP operating in my computer. There have a problem in my pendrive. When i send any file to pend rive then computer show me a message.

Windows can't copy them. what's the problem in my problem in my pendrive. I already change the operating & give a new XP operating but feedback is zero. Is my pen drive damage?I try to solve the problem but i am failed. The computer show me same message. So i ask a questions in your website,my questions is "How can i solve the copy & past problem" .


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Copy & paste problem in pendrive


Check your pen drive first if it is write protected. See if there is a small switch on your pen drive, some of it has this switch to enable or disable write protection on your media. If there is a switch like on it, move the switch to the other corner to disable write protection. Check also if the file is not being use by other application. Check your pen drive also if corrupted

  • Double click My Computer and locate you pen drive.
  • Right click and select properties.
  • Under the “Tool” tab, click the “Check Now” option.
  • Perform recovery of bad sectors if found.

Try also formatting your pen drive using the command prompt. Click run on start menu and type cmd, on the command line type /FS:FAT32 /Q X: (X is the drive letter of your pen drive). Another tool that you can use is the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool” You can find it on Google search, once installed it will detect any removable media that is inserted on your pc, just select you pen drive and start formatting.

Another way to remove write protection if that’s the case, you have to perform some tricks to disable the write protection on your pen drive.

  • Click start menu and click run. Type regedit.
  • Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl StorageDevicePolicies entry, if you can’t find the StorageDevicePolicies then you have to add it in the registry. You can download it in here.
  • Locate the add.bat that you’ve downloaded and it will be added to the registry.
  • Go back to the registry editor and see if StorageDevicePolicies had been added.
  • Select the added entry and Double click the WriteProtect that you see on the right side and change the value to 0. Exit the editor and restart your computer. Copy the file again to your pen drive and see if no error message occurs.

This problem can also because the file consists of illegal character on the name of the files or folders, or you are copying too many files in your pen drive. If you pen drive root already have 512 item, the windows will not allow you to copy anything on your drive even if there are plenty of space on your drive.

The trick on this is to create another folder inside you pen drive and move some of your files inside it. You can create thousands of folders in you pen drive root but you cannot have 512+ items inside the root. The root of a drive is when you open the drive letter of it. Example E: not E:Folder.

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Copy & paste problem in pendrive


These kinds of errors occur due to many reasons. Virus inflections, system corruption and device faults are some of them.

In this case we have to consider about virus infections or device faults. Format your pen drive (directly, by using disk management, or Command prompt). If you are not able to format the drive devise has corrupted.

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