Converting mkv in Format Factory

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I have a new video in MKV format and I tried to play it in my DVD player. It didn't play. This is not the problem btw. i know my DVD player will definitely play an avi format video, so I tried to convert the MKV file. When I played the converted file, the subtitles became so big that it fills the whole screen, but in the MKV format the subtitle is normal. How can I retain the size of the subtitles?


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Converting mkv in Format Factory


Dear, Stephen,

First of all, you did not manage the size of the subtitles. mkv file running normal but in avi file subtitle is showing big shows that problem in file converting.

mkv file format is a good one and quality of mkv video file is better. You can watch mkv videos in VLC Media Player which is easily available on web and support mostly type of videos.

Otherwise, you can try Any video converter software which is available on web. This software can convert mostly video files format in your desire file format and also maintain quality of the video.

take care




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Converting mkv in Format Factory


Hello Stephenshaffer.

You did not mention how you converted it to AVI.  What software did you use and what was the format of the subtitles?  I assume the subtitles are not hard-coded otherwise there would not have been a problem with the size of the fonts.

Anyways, you could try Freemake Video Converter ( to convert from MKV to AVI.  The subtitles will not be converted.  If you wish to convert it to DVD with hard-coded subtitles, use the "To DVD" conversion of Freemake.

Another option is to use AVStoDVD (  This application will convert most types of video files (including MKV) into a DVD that you can play on any standalone DVD player.  This will not hard-code the subtitles so you can turn it on or off just like any video DVD.

Hope this helps!

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