Convert PDF to DOC file

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How can I convert PDF files to DOC?

Please help.

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Convert PDF to DOC file


Hi Sudeshnt,

This is the common forums about IT on how to convert PDF Files to DOC, or Scan Files to DOC, PDF to Microsoft Word. Before you will encode the Files one by one and some used the software but it will take sometime because there is many error on the result.

For example:  

In the PDF the scanned result is  in the program is l or L, you should be aware of this error.


Buy a PDF Scanners online, this is just like a xerox copier machine it will solve your problems on converting PDF to DOC. All you have to do is to place your document on that scanner and it automatically translate to DOC files, with regards to error, it's just a minimal compare to have a software only. If you don't have business then you can try downloading file for the internet this software will also convert PDF to DOC but has an error result.


Tony Stevenson

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Convert PDF to DOC file


There are lots of software you can download just to convert PDF file to doc file and there is a other way by not using any software that you need to install. I will give you some of the software of PDF to doc converter.

And here is the other options to convert PDF to doc file via online.

Choose which one you want to convert your PDF file, no need to use Google or other search engine to solve your problem. By the way the other software are not free you can convert them but not at all inside to your doc file.

Hope it helps you a lot.

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Convert PDF to DOC file



It's very easy to convert a PDF to word and the vice versa using a PDF to doc converter.

There are a lot of PDF to doc converters available and many of them are free too.

And I suggest you to better download any of the software's given below and

do the conversion. And another option is there to do conversion online using help of certain

sites given below. You could easily upload file get it converted.

The earlier will be used for further purposes and the latter can be used

urgent need. Anyways I think this information will be helpful to you.


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Convert PDF to DOC file


Hi Sudeshnt,

The best and easiest way to convert a PDF file to a DOC file of a word file is to download a free converter online. You can also convert a file without even downloading the actual program. You just need to go to a certain website and try their free services.

One site that I you should try using is, it's an excellent conversion site. Aside from the fact that the quality of the output is excellent, this site is also very easy to use. All you have to do is look for the file that you want to convert, choose the format to convert to, enter  your email address so you can receive the converted files and then click the "Convert" button.

Another option is going to ( Using this online service, you can convert a PDF file on the spot without having to wait for the output to be sent to your email address. This site is highly reliable since you don't have to wait for the output anymore. It can handle both text and image perfectly and your converted document almost looks like the original PDF file.

I suggest you try both sites and see the results for yourself!

Good Luck with converting those files,


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Convert PDF to DOC file


I also need a converter. I'm glad with the thread creator. 

Thanks Corner Stat for giving different download links.

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