Convert MS Word to PDF file

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Hi there guys! I just want some help on this..

Im currently working on something using MS Word and Im planning to make it into a PDF..

Is there a software that could convert an MS Word file into a PDF..?

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Convert MS Word to PDF file



Hello Amscott.

I can suggest 2 ways that you can convert your Word document to PDF:

1.  Use a third-party PDF converter.  One such PDF converter is Bullzip PDF Printer.  All you have to do is download and install it and it will create a virtual printer within Windows.  When you want to convert a document (Word, Excel, another PDF, Powerpoint, etc.) to PDF, all you have to do is print whatever document it is to the Bullzip PDF Printer.  Bullzip PDF Printer is free and its output can be customized.

2.  Use OpenOffice or LibreOffice Writer to open the Word document and use the PDF export function to create a PDF file.

You can read more about LibreOffice Writer here:

Hope this helps!


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Convert MS Word to PDF file


Hi Amscott,

Yes of course there is. Since the internet started "breathing" everything is here, every information, software and news you can possibly want.You can turn your Microsoft Word document into Notepad, into PowerPoint, into HTML, into Excel,into IEEE format, into WordPerfect, seriously anything you would like.

Okay, now I suppose you asked this question in order for a proper solution with a program or address to help you convert it. You have only two simple choices, you either do it online, on a website that deals with converting such documents, just write up on Google Convert Microsoft Word into PDF online and you will get a million answers and websites with such methods. The second, you type the same thing without the word "online" and search for a program to convert it.

Now to explain what's the difference between both.Online converting is risky because you can download viruses which can mess up your computer, but if it's good is alot faster than looking up for a program. Instead, a stable program is more reliable, you always have it on your PC, you don't have to wait for the internet to load, and if your connection is down, you always have the program right there, ready for usage.

Good Luck To You, Mamangun Ceilo.

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Convert MS Word to PDF file


Hi Techyv wizards! 

Thank you so much for the advices. Both works well. I was able to convert my file into PDF format. Using a converter. 

Thanks techyv too! 

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Convert MS Word to PDF file



 You can do this in the following Ways :-

       Use the Save as Function  and add  (DOT) PDF extension or

     If you have already saved file  the Just Rename with(DOT) PDF extension

   Filename.doc becomes Filename.pdf

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