Convert html to. txt with php

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I have an html file as follows:

Submit the results of the form identity:


Name: dedex

No. ID: 123456

Address: street name

Status: single

Of the above file, I want to make. Txt. When the form submits and identity in the identity value of the form automatically convert to a file. txt

How to do?

Their reference not masters?

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Convert html to. txt with php

You don't need to install anything, you just need to save the desire file by suing save config option afterwards run the HTML as text utility ok one more thing while running the command utility make sure you're using .cfg file and save that inside the HTMLasText. The default config. can't work for you to run this utility. This file is not useful for HTMLasText(htmlastext.cfg)
Attaching a picture to guide you more
I'm attaching links as well who may further guide you. where you can find all the versions of HTML files and how to convert them in .txt file. you might take a look at these 
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Convert html to. txt with php


cool I will try that utility and I found the valuable information presented by you on your solutions. Thanks you  Eric-Jones

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