Convert CDA to MP3 or WAV

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Dear IT Support, I need your help on this. I’m having a problem with the CDA Converter Software. I have a record in a CD which needs to be transcribed after it has been transferred to the computer in a way which would not compromise the CD’s content. I need to convert the record in the CD to a format which Express Scribe will take – MP3, WAV, among others. I have the file on a CD in CDA format. This is my first time to work on this type of format; i.e., the CDA format. What I know is that it can't be copied like regular audio files. It has to be ripped off the CD before it could be converted. What is the best program which I could use? It could either be something to be purchased or downloaded through the internet. I have some clients and I am working on their file. The content of the file I’m working on is regarding the different places my clients have visited. They used various devices to record their focus groups. They gave me two (2) standard cassettes, one (1) DVD, two (2) flash drives, and one (1) in CDA format. How could I make sure that the CDA file in the CD stays intact? Your advice please! Thank you in advance.

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Convert CDA to MP3 or WAV


Hello Beldwin,

In this case I will suggest that you use an application called xilisoft video converter to convert you video file to whichever format that you want.

Xilisosft software is downloadable for free online and it comes with a whole range of capabilities. It will enable you to convert files into different fomats as you like. For video files you can convert them into the following formats: mpeg,flv, wmv, avi, mkv and many other formats as you like.

It also supports the conversion of audio files in whichever format that you want including mp3 and others. So just search for it online and then install it on your system.


Mahesh Babu


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Convert CDA to MP3 or WAV


CDA (.cda) is normally found on audio compact discs. CDA stands for “Compact Disc Audio”. It is the standard format for audio compact discs or CDs. The CDA format is also known as “CDDA” or “CD-DA”, short for compact disc digital audio. Now, since you need to transcribe some CDAs, you obviously cannot copy it to your computer because it is not possible.

Though you can copy the actual CDA file from the disc, the audio will not be included. To convert it to a different format like MP3, you need to rip the CDAs from the disc and save it to your computer in MP3 format. To do this, you can use Cool Edit Pro. Just follow the instructions to download and unpack and then install it.

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