Conversion of column data into row?

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How can I convert a column into a row? In my research project, I am facing this problem. If data are given into columns, I mostly need to convert it into rows. How can it be done?

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Conversion of column data into row?


Hi Siam

So your problem is on how to convert the data from column into row. I want you to follow these simple steps so that your problem will now be fixed.

To convert column into row, you need to:

  • "HIGHLIGHT" those data that you want to convert
  • Press "CTRL C" after pressing CTRL C, click to the cell where you want to convert your data.
  • Then after choosing the cell, "RIGHT CLICK", drop down menu will appear, click "PASTE SPECIAL"
  • You will now see a box, below the box before the option "OK", you can see a "TRANSPOSE" option, click that option and then click "OK".

In just a second, your data from column will now be converted into row.

So simple and easy to follow. Hope this will help you to solve your problem.  

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Conversion of column data into row?



In Microsoft excel you can convert column in to row very easily. Follow the steps that I mentioned below. You will be able to get the results that you expected.

First select the data in the column that you want to convert and copy them all.

Then right click on a cell that you want to have the first data of a given set of data.

 (Please make sure that there are enough spaces in next cell along that selected cell in order to paste the data.)

Click on paste special.




Now in the next window click on Transpose check box and click ok.




Now you can see the data which were in column B has been positioned in row 10 as follows.




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