Controlling the font size of programs with windows 8.1

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 I have a HP laptop with Windows 8.1 and, I cannot control the font sizes when I use Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and internet browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. What happens is the font sizes get bigger or smaller  when I scroll up or down or left and right. Is this a Windows 8.1 issue? How can I freeze the font sizes manually on these programs?

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Controlling the font size of programs with windows 8.1


I don’t think your operating system has something to do with the changing of font sizes in the mentioned applications. When you start a program, it is the program itself that will change or set the font size to use. Normally, every program has its own default font size and there is a shortcut either for the mouse or for the keyboard if you want to change the size.

For example when you are using your web browser, when you are scrolling the screen using the mouse wheel and the font size becomes bigger or smaller, don’t use the wheel. Just scroll the screen using the scroll bar on the right side of the screen to move the screen up or down from top to bottom.

Also, check if the CTRL key on your keyboard is not stuck and or you are not holding on the CTRL key while using the mouse wheel because that will change something on your screen visually. Normally, when the CTRL key is pressed together with the mouse wheel, it changes the zoom level of your screen. It will either zoom in or zoom out your screen.

If you are not pressing any keys while using the mouse wheel, there is something wrong with your keyboard or a key is jammed and got stuck. Try using a different keyboard.

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