Continuous suggested app notification on Droid X2

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At the top of my Droid X2 mobile phone, A little green star along with a plus is bugging me and continuously giving some non-interesting apps suggestion to me. How do I stop these?

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Continuous suggested app notification on Droid X2



It could be a case of push notification by AirPush or LeadBolt. It is attached to free apps as that is how the app developers make money. Removing the app resolves this issue but if you have loaded your device with loads of apps, identifying the culprit app becomes quite a task.

Solution 1:

Download the app “AirPush Detector”. It detects those apps that include AirPush and you can delete these apps. This would solve the green star notification problem. In case such an app is not detected, it implies that the push notification is supported by other frameworks like LeadBolt or Appenda.

 “Addons Detector” app is a sure shot solution to eliminate this problem.

“Appenda Opt out” is another such app.

Solution 2:

Rooting your phone and installing AdFree Android helps block ads. Rooting is a risky process in itself and eliminates warranty of the device. So make sure you do not resort to rooting unless you have sound knowledge about the process.

PS: Most of the free apps are ad supported. So make sure to download non ad supported apps or simply buy non ad versions in the app market.

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