Contacts on WhatsApp and Messages

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If someone does not want a contact to know that he/she is on WhatsApp, can this be done? If somebody has the old number of friend, will they be able to download messages and see their contacts? When inviting someone to a group, will they be able to read previous messages?

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Contacts on WhatsApp and Messages



My answer to your first question of knowing whether one can prevent a contact from knowing he or she is on WhatsApp is simply NO.

One may ask why is it so and this is what I have to say: the only way one’s contact number will not appear or be seen in your WhatsApp contact list is when you have not saved the number on your phone or tablet and vice versa. Apart from this, in a case one’s contact is blocked by you, your contact in question will continue to have you in their WhatsApp contact list (the reason being they still having your number stored on his or her phone or tablet) and you not having the power to delete your contact remotely from his or her phone contact list. So therefore, my simplest suggestion to you is neither send any message to the person in question nor give out your number to him or her when you realise he or she do not have your number.

On your second question, I will answer by saying NO to that. WhatsApp do retrieve its contacts from the very contacts stored on your phone and this makes it improbable for one in this case your friend taking or having your old contact number shall have the same contact number and also in situations where your friend has WhatsApp installed on his or her phone, she or he shall see you different. When one has your old number, the person can only get posts or messages via that old number deprived of knowing whom the message is from. It is important to know that your friend will not be able to see, download and read old chats.

In addressing your last question, I will also say NO as a reply. In that, it is also not possible for your friend to see previous messages in a group he or she was added or invited.

Brenda Cruise

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