Constant Delays Has Become a Problem And Occasional Error Reports.

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My waterfox keeps on freezing and crashing and every time I open waterfox, a compatibility check runs.

Aside from that I get the occasional error report.

The constant delays has become a problem and I can’t work properly.


Update Failed

Waterfox is unable to determine if there is an update available.

Please make sure that you have the latest version of Waterfox from:

Does anyone know a solution?
Thank you for taking time to help me out.
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Constant Delays Has Become a Problem And Occasional Error Reports.


If a compatibility check always runs every time you open Waterfox then maybe this is a sign that the program is not compatible with the operating system running on your computer. If this is the case then the possibility of changing your operating system may need to be accomplished. It would also help if you include the version of Waterfox in your post to help determine if your current version is compatible with your operating system.

The latest version of Waterfox is already available. You may now download and install Waterfox 13.0. This version, Waterfox 13.0, works only with Windows Vista [64-bit], and Windows 7 [64-bit]. To download Waterfox 13.0, you may visit And also, if you are using an older or earlier version of Windows, you may try running Waterfox on a virtual machine that is running with either Windows Vista [64-bit], or with Windows 7 [64-bit].

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