Considering factors in building a web server

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What are the things that I need to consider when choosing a hardware for a web server if I want to build a server?

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Considering factors in building a web server



Here are the Factors to consider in selecting Web server application:
  • Capacity to hold the server-side scripting
  • Consistent security features
  • Operating system compatibility
  • Website builder
  • Web apps you are going to run
  • Your financial statement
People are getting confused in choosing web server software to run on committed server. There are different factors that you must consider in picking web server; actually, it is almost like choosing an operating system for your server.
Numerous web servers are accessible for use. Nevertheless, I am going to site the most and reliable web server software that you can use.
1. Apache HTTP Web Server: Apache is a public-domain open source web server industrialized by a group of programmers. Year 1995, when the first version was developed based on NCSA httpd Web server. A group of 20 volunteer programmers was able to perform the Core development of the Apache. Anyone can get a feel for the server for specific needs because the source code is freely available and there is a vast public library of Apache add-ons. The development of Apache is similar to the improvement of the Linux OS.
2. Microsoft IIS: “IIS” stands for Internet Information Server is also a web server application that industrialized by Microsoft, compatible with Windows. It is the second most commonly used server behind Apache HTTP server.
They are equally are offered to be part of Web hosting packages in nearly all of times. They vary in the Server-side scripting features similar to authentication and access control mechanisms.
I hope this helps.

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