Connection problem using Flash Builder when using Flex and PHP integration

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HI experts,

I am having an issue with Flash Builder when using Flex and PHP integration. I installed Flash Builder for Zend and PHP. I loaded Zend with sample database and I created the Flex server.

I connected on my file with PHP data service. However, when I went through PHP configuration wizard, I don’t have an existing PHP class. I asked flash builder to generate one using the login information in phpMyAdmin, but I got an error message that looks like this:

It says “Unable to connect to database using special connection information. ” I don't understand what's happening. Can you help me fix this problem?


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Connection problem using Flash Builder when using Flex and PHP integration


Flash Builder is delivered in two flavors: one is the standalone version and one is a plug-in version for Eclipse. Because you want to be able to use the same IDE for editing both PHP and Flex code in the same project, You need to have Eclipse with both Zend Studio and Flash Builder installed.

The easy way to do this is to install the Zend Studio for Eclipse first, and then start the Flash Builder Eclipse Plug-in installer. Make sure you install in the Zend Studio Toolbar.

This approach should work just fine on Windows. On a Mac you should install first the Flash Builder 4 and then use the update site for Zend Studio 7.1 to add Zend Studio to Flash Builder 4. This is because Flash Builder 4 is Carbon based while Zend Studio is Cocoa.

At some point, the Flash Builder 3 installer will ask you for the location of the Eclipse installation folder to which you want to add Flex Builder.

If you are not satisfied then check the link below:

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