Connection between Fortigate to Cisco vpn is slow

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HI Techyv friends,

I have connected two computers using 2 Fortinet Fortigate 40c, with a Cisco vpn tunnel. The internet connection between Fortigate to Cisco vpn is slow during start up. I am using a 50mb internet cable. Please provide tips to fasten the internet speed.

Thanks By William S Snell

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Connection between Fortigate to Cisco vpn is slow


Hello There,

I suppose you are using ipsec vpn

For Fortigate, you may use below steps-

For Fortigate-

1. Check incorrect network speed or incorrect duplex speed set on one of the FortiGate's system interfaces, Fire at CLI

# dia hard device nic <external interface name>

# dia hard device nic <internal interface name>

2. Check the Ethernet speed and duplex settings on the switch or router that the FortiGate is patched to

3. Check if FortiGate is experiencing high CPU and high memory usage

# get sys performance status

# dia sys top 1 <let it run for 10 seconds, CTRL+C to stop>

4. There could be a Firewall Policy with a protection profile enabled, it is advisable to check profiles (there may be several) one by one, and modify profile one by one, temporarily, to see whether there is an improvement in performance

5. If these steps do not correct the behaviour of the FortiGate then it may be necessary to open a FortiCare Support Ticket. The following information should be provided:


Now check CISCO end

Check same things for Cisco as well, also check MTU set

Also ensure if we bypass both the device then we get full bandwidth, that is what is committed for transport pipeline is actually being delivered

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