Connecting two laptops to play LAN games

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Everyday at our place, my friends talk about DOTA. They share knowledge and even boast on how well their previous game was. Sometimes I wish, we could play DOTA at our school. Is there a way that we could play DOTA one-on-one using our laptops?

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Connecting two laptops to play LAN games


Yes, you can connect two or more laptops using LAN. All you need to do is follow these instructions:

  1. You will need a network crossover cable, it's not a standard LAN cable.
  2. Both laptops should be on the same workgroup. To check this, right click My computer ; Properties ; go to the Computer Name Tab ; see what is written in Workgroup. Change the name by clicking on change and typing the same name in the workgroup box.
  3. Reboot you laptops.
  4. Now setup an IP address for both laptops. To do this, go to Control Panel ;open network settings ; right click local area connections and select properties.
  5. Find the TCP/IP; click on it and click properties.
  6. Enter the following in the properties box:
  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • leave default gateway blank.

Now repeat the same for the second laptop but change its IP address to

This should do the trick. Hope this helps.

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Connecting two laptops to play LAN games


IF You Have The WiFi Connection, then it is possible to connect both the laptops because some laptops have the WiFi conference option and if you want to connect locally, then you need a piece of wire having (Ri45) connector at both ends of the wire.

Then 1 Connector Will Be inserted in the 1st Laptop's Ethernet Card and 2 Connector Will Be Inserted in 2nd Laptop's Ethernet Card!
Then you can play the DOTA game. By the way I love Axe Hero At DOTA Game.
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Connecting two laptops to play LAN games


Hello Peter,

The easiest way to do that will be to connect the computers together using a crossover cable, or you can use a crossover adapter. You can buy that cable at a local store near you or a superstore.

Once you have connected the computers together, for Windows XP you will need to do the following:

  • Go to Control Panel and then choose Network and Internet Connections followed by Network Connections.
  • After that right click your connected Local Area Connection and select Properties.
  • You will need to select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and select Properties.
  • After that choose "Use the following IP address:".
  • Use the Subnet mask "" on both computers.
  • And then, Computer 1, use IP Address "" and Default Gateway to "".
  • And for Computer 2, use IP Address "" and Default Gateway to "".
  • Save the changes.




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