Connecting the PS3 controller via bluetooth on laptop

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I know that the PS3 controller is connected to the console through Bluetooth. I was wondering if the same connection can be achieved with a laptop. I heard that the DS4tool can be used to connect the controller to any Bluetooth enabled pc. Also can the same result be achieved using a Bluetooth dongle? Can anyone walk me through this?

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Connecting the PS3 controller via bluetooth on laptop


Hello Allan!

Here are the steps in connecting your PS3 Bluetooth Controller to your laptop.

1. Connect your BlueTooth dongle into the USB port on your laptop.

2. Download MotionInJoy. Follow the on-screen guide and complete it.

3. When you run MotionInJoy, you need to open or load your drivers so controller and Bluetooth will be recognized.

4. Go to Driver Manager, select Devices and click Load Driver.

5. Go back to Profiles tab. Check if the controller is recognized. Select a Profile, select PS3. Click or select Enable. Check your setup by clicking Vibration Testing.

6. Go to Controller Panel and then select Properties.

7. Go back to your MotionInJoy and click Bluetooth Pair tab.

8. Select the Bluetooth adapter available and click Pair Now button.

After completing this steps play a game and check your controller. Changes can be made. If you want to change the control button’s functionality you can still use MotionInJoy to update it. 

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