Connecting a monitor in a netbook

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Is it possible to connect an additional monitor to my netbook (Lenovo M10)? I would want a larger viewing screen and I obviously do not want to spend on a new computer or widescreen laptop since I only use my netbook mostly in browsing and reading pdf documents.

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Connecting a monitor in a netbook


Hello Conan Herrera,

    Yes, it absolutely possible, and what's more is that it is pretty easy and simple to set it up. Probably, you do not have to spend some bucks just to have a larger or wider view of your laptop. Well, you have to determine first your laptop's video output. There are 3 basic video output of a laptop namely VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Since it is a notebook, I assume it has a VGA output. Just check it; VGA outputs have 15 pins. After you have found out what kind of output it has, you can now connect it to the monitor. Be sure the male cable of the monitor should be compatible to the female output of your laptop. Once connected, set the options in your operating system. Well, I assume it is a Windows laptop.

1. Right-click on your desktop.

2. Click Personalize.

3. Choose Display Settings.

4. Just choose the options as you please.

This should probably display your laptop in a separate monitor. 

Hope it helps.

>>Tron Len<<


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